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When you kissed me, I considered it my first kiss.

Because all other kisses were forgotten.

Ritsuko Fawkes
18 November
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name Ritsuko Fawkes
age 16
sex Female
grade 10th
birthday November 18th

Ritsuko is a typical high school girl. She spends ample amount of time working on her appearance daily: applying make-up, the latest trendy clothes, and plenty of accessories. Her hair is always styled, her nails are always decorated, and she has more shoes than she needs. She likes jewelry, hair accessories, and lip gloss. Her ears are pierced as well as her belly button.

Her body is slim, but athletically toned, boasting curves. Ritsuko’s height is average being 5’4”. Her large eyes are a deep chocolate color. She keeps her hair long, falling to her mid-back and is dyed a reddish auburn. Her hair has a natural wave to it, which is unusual for Japanese. She has bangs that she sometimes parts to one side.

Ritsuko is the type of girl who relies on support from others. She tends to be emotional; laughing, crying, and becoming angry easily. She lacks confidence, and because of that, she has an obsession with prettying herself up. She yearns for attention and has a tendency to take comments personally. Wanting to fit in, Ritsuko is prone to following trends and her wrists bare evidence from the past. She is very faithful to her friends and will often put herself down is something happens to one of her friends.

Ritsuko’s reliance on a friend’s support and her devote loyalty has led her to want the comfort of a relationship. When not dating someone, she feels empty and becomes depressed. She’ll do anything to keep her boyfriend once she has one, even if it means putting herself out to make him happy. Inadvertently, Ritsuko will sometimes put her boyfriend before her friends and will constantly call and text her boyfriend, hanging out with him as much as she can. She is clingy and enjoys receiving gifts from her current boyfriend.

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good traits
Ritsuko is athletic, free spirited, reliable, strong-minded, determined, and creative. She does pretty well in school, managing a ‘B’ average. She’s friendly to everyone at least once.
bad traits
Ritsuko has gotten trapped in the endless cycle of a teenage girl trying to fit in. She’ll do everything that a teen magazine tells her. She’s dependent on relationships and will do anything for her boyfriend. She fears being lonely. At times, she is overemotional. She also has low self-esteem.
Fashion, the color pink, make-up, movies and music, hanging out with friends, her boyfriend, pandas, retails sales.
Loud people, rude people, violence, dishonesty, unfaithfulness, gory movies, cold weather, bullies, school, her mom’s rules, not having attention.
fighting style
Ritsuko hates fighting. She is easily overpowered by anyone bigger than her. However, she does have the advantage of being athletic. Ritsuko is in shape, and could pack a hard blow. She isn’t the type to be involved in a physical fight though.
Suffering from family problems and boy troubles, Ritsuko had a troublesome past. Ritsuko lived in the countryside of Osaka with her parents and her brother, Reiji. At the start of her second year in junior high, her parents’ relationship quickly deteriorated. It began with her mother's growing suspicions of her husband regarding adultery. Soon, Ritsuko and Reiji found their parents screaming at each other almost every single day. Their father, Hiroyuki, started to stay away from home for longer periods at a time. Instead of coming home after work, he would head to the bars to drink away his sorrows.

About five months into his drinking escapades, a woman came to Ritsuko's house to speak with Ritsuko's mother, Mutsumi. With Reiji and Ritsuko listening in the other room, Mutsumi was told about Hiroyuki's affair and the pregnancy that had resulted. Mutsumi was hysterical. She began screaming at her husband's mistress, eventually running the woman off of the property.

With Hiroyuki gone, things did not quiet down. The fights started again, this time between Reiji and their mother. In just a few weeks since Hiroyuki had moved out, Reiji was packing his bags to move in with their father. Ritsuko would go visit Reiji and her father often, being close to both of them. Reiji told her that things weren't much different with his father than was with his mother. Eventually, Reiji decided that it would be best to move in his their aunt in Kyoto.

Ritsuko was devastated that her brother would be moving far away from her. He had been her best friend since childhood. To make matters worse, Ritsuko's long time boyfriend, Asaba Tsuaki, went missing. She was told by close friends of his that he died from a drug overdose and that the funeral was kept very private among the immediate family, not wanting their reputation soiled. She questioned the family, but before getting a final answer, they moved away. Ritsuko felt abandoned.

Reiji drifted from his father's house and the aunt in Kyoto's house several times. He never visited his mother, for he blamed her for the divorce. Ritsuko hardly got to see him anymore. Then, just before beginning her high school career, Mutsumi thought it would be best for Ritsuko and her to move to Tokyo. Ritsuko was repulsed by the very idea. She would never get to see her father or her brother anymore living at Tokyo. Regardless, they made the move, and Ritsuko got her entrance exams in to Gakuin High just in time.

Ritsuko’s parents are divorced. She lives with her mother, Mutsumi, who is seeing a different man nearly every month. Her father, Hiroyuki, on the other hand, already has a new wife, giving Ritsuko a younger step-sister (9) and a half-sister (born last February 2005). Ritsuko also has an older brother, Reiji who is just a year older than her and who lives either with their father in Osaka or their aunt in Kyoto.
Ritsuko lives in an old traditional house. Her neighborhood is full of families who follow ancient Japanese customs, such as the traditional 'welcome your new neighbor' routine. The neighborhood is of upper middle class.
Ritsuko wants a job because she shops a lot, but her mother will not give her a lot of money. She tried requesting for a work permit from the school, but since she lacked a good enough reason to work, she was denied. Her main source of income is the money her father gives her.
dating status
Ritsuko is what could be described as a clingy girlfriend. She’s been in many relationships, and she tries to do whatever she can to keep the boy around. In every relationship, Ritsuko claims to love the boy. Her longest relationship was with a boy named Asaba Tsuaki, but that ended when he disappeared. Ritsuko heard from close friends that he had overdosed on drugs.

At Gakuin High, Ritsuko had a fling with Miyavi Ito (__blind_hate__), which only lasted one night. Currently, Ritsuko is seeing Matthew Haynes (surf_boy). After a long night of high tempers, Ritsuko and Mattie broke up.

social status
Ritsuko does whatever she can to fit in. She follows trends to be one of the crowd members. She’s friendly to everyone upon meeting them, but the moment they’re mean to her, she won’t forgive them.
class schedule
2 Biology
3 Geometry
4 Japanese 1
5 World History
6 English 1
7 PE 1

2 Art
3 Home Economics
4 Japanese 1
5 German
6 English 1
7 PE 1

2 Art
3 Home Economics
4 German

excels in
Art, biology, earth science, PE, physics, writing.
struggles in
Anatomy, English, ethics, German, health, math.
i love you, in a really, really big
pretend to like your taste in music,
let you eat the last piece of cheesecake,
hold a radio over my head outside you window,
unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you.
so pick me, choose me, love me.

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