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Ritsuko Fawkes
08 August 2013 @ 01:13 pm
Winter break was finally over. It was long and grueling, and consisted mostly of Ritsuko being stuck at home with her hormonal mother, who was constantly obsessing over her current boyfriend. Her mom was still seeing the guy that had come over for Christmas dinner, and she still bugged Ritsuko to help her pick out an outfit for the evening date with him. It was like living with teenager sometimes. Speaking of relationships, hers was finally over. Her relationship with Mattie hadn’t even reached a year, but she felt like it had, for the amount of time they spent together. She regretted the break up, regretted the fight, and regretted him moving. What made things worse was that her two best friends were in relationships. She was the friend that was more boyfriend-eccentric. When she was single, she would complain about wanting a boyfriend. When she had one, she would complain about missing them and spend any available time with the boyfriend. And yet, she was single, and even her friend Rika, who would put a book before a guy any day, was seeing someone.

Ritsuko’s brother Reiji was in Tokyo today. He was staying with her aunt in Kyoto after fighting with their dad, and she was visiting her family in Ikebukuro for the week. Ritsuko jumped on this as a chance to get out of the house, out of Koumon-ku. She met them in the morning, accompanied her extended family out to lunch, and then spent some time playing Mario Karts with her brother at the apartment they were staying in. Around mid-afternoon, her brother had to head out to meet with some of his friends. Ritsuko considered hopping on the train herself and heading home, but the shopping Ikebukuro had to offer was too tempting. She may be by herself, but that wouldn’t stop her from going out and finding some new clothes to kick start the new school term.
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Ritsuko Fawkes
06 July 2011 @ 01:34 am
As Rtisuko reached the bottom of the flight of stairs, she was greeted by a mixture of smells that were coming from the kitchen. Dinner was nearly done, and her mother was calling for Ritsuko to come help set the table. Ritsuko hesitated, taking in the scents which helped to lift her spirits, before heading towards the kitchen. Her mother Mutsumi, with her hair pulled into a bun and an apron tied around her, was busy at work preparing several dishes that were nearing perfection. A tall man stood in the kitchen, using the counter to prop himself up. He was Mutsumi's current boyfriend. Ritsuko didn't know much about him other than he was supposedly humorous (Ritsuko didn't find him very funny at all). It was his first time at their house, as Mutsumi usually went to his house as was her way with past boyfriends. Bringing them to her home made Mutsumi feel older with Ritsuko around.

The man was talking to Mutsumi when Ritsuko entered the room, and her mother was laughing and telling him to stop. He leaned towards Mutsumi and swiftly gave her bottom a soft smack causing her to protest meekly, enjoying the raunchy attention. Ritsuko gave them a look that was between shock and disgusted as she quickly grabbed the dinnerware that they would be using tonight. She headed into the small dining room with the sunken table positioned in the center of the room. It was taking everything in her to push back the negative thoughts that kept creepy on to the edge of her mind. She felt like such a loser, and everything today was just the punctuation to her thoughts. Here it was Christmas Eve, and she was stuck being the third wheel to her mother and that man. Christmas Eve was supposed to be romantic and spent between lovers, yet here she was, intruding on her mother's romantic dinner. She glanced back in disdain at the kitchen just in time to witness a kiss between the couple. She rolled her eyes and turned her attention back towards the table.

She missed him. There wasn't a day that he wasn't in her head, invading her fantasies. She often wondered if he had already moved on. He was a nice guy, of course he would have already found someone. 'I'll bet she's beautiful, too,' she thought depressed. 'And she's got the one thing that I have to live without.' For a fleeting moment, she thought about calling him. She wanted to hear his voice again. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and looked at the glossy screen. Maybe she could email him...

She placed the phone back into her pocket, forcing back the tears. She had to move on, no matter how painful it was. She couldn't just follow him around pathetically, especially when it was her fault they broke up in the first place. She had to let go.

Her mother's shrill laughter broke her trail of thoughts. Ritsuko hurried to finish setting the table. "Mom~ I'm going out. I'll only be a minute. Go ahead and eat without me," she called into the kitchen as she headed towards the stairs, not waiting for her mom's response. Just a walk was all she needed. Plus, her mom deserved a romantic dinner with just the guy. Within minutes she was back down the stairs and heading out the door, the cold night air nipping her face. She welcomed it.
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Ritsuko Fawkes
13 July 2009 @ 05:12 pm
The shopping center was filled with people going about the errands. Ritsuko sat at a round table at one of the many cafes in the area. She was with a group of three other girls. They weren’t her usual friends that she hung out with. These were the girls in school that often got referred to as bitches. They would only hang out with people that they deemed “pretty enough” to be seen with them. The only time she spent with these girls was when she was guy hunting.

They would go clothes shopping together and spend a considerable amount of time at the cafes, scoping out the area for any attractive boys. Ritsuko’s mother was already starting to show resentment towards her daughter’s recent increase need for money. Money was absolutely necessary when guy hunting though, Ritsuko had found out since she began hanging out with these girls.

Already in the two weeks since she had been single, Ritsuko had been looking for a rebound boyfriend. She had met several guys that she was interested in, but so far none had entered into a serious relationship. They were only interested in hanging out and doing other things than dating. The emails they sent her phone made their intentions obvious. It was impossible to find a wholesome boy like Mattie.

Ritsuko set her cell down on the table unhappily. She didn’t want to be alone during Christmas, and the holiday was fast approaching. As she was taking a sip of her drink, one of the girls suggested they all go to a party tonight and that there would be plenty of guys there. Perhaps she would have better luck tonight.
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Ritsuko Fawkes
26 January 2009 @ 11:55 pm

It was official. Ritsuko and Mattie had broken up. Or at least, that’s what Ritsuko had figured. A week ago, they were fine. A week ago marked the fight that ruined the relationship. Six days ago, Mattie stood her up on the birthday dinner for her and her friends. For the past five days, they hadn't spoken to each other at all, avoiding situations where they may come face to face, including at lunch.

It was her fault. She had misunderstood him and their relationship. She made assumptions and pushed where she shouldn’t have. She had successfully scared Mattie away.

A wet streak forced its way down her cheek. She grabbed one of the stuffed pandas from her bed. The tears had become a familiarity of hers every night. Mattie was really special to her, but she went and fucked it up.

Sitting at the desk in her room, Ritsuko browsed a social network on the computer. She found herself commenting and messaging mainly boys, and though she wouldn’t admit it, flirting with them. In one sense, she had told herself she was giving up on love for awhile. On another sense, she was desperately looking for a rebound boyfriend. It was all she could do to keep herself from getting out the old razor in her desk drawer.

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Ritsuko Fawkes
25 June 2008 @ 11:53 pm
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Ritsuko Fawkes
08 June 2008 @ 01:36 am
Ritsuko approached the Haynes household nervously. Tonight was the night. She would be spending the night with Mattie for the first time in their relationship. They had never had this time to themselves before since their parents had always prevented them unintentionally. Mattie's father wasn't here tonight and she had her mom's permission to stay the night. Mattie had asked her to come over for dinner and a movie. She knew what that meant for a boy.

She had spent her time after school dressing up for the night. She had fretted over whether to wear a casual dress or a more comfortable often. Either way, she figured they would be coming off by the end of the night. It was something she would have to do or else Mattie may leave her. Guys don't like girls that don't put out. She really like Mattie and wanted this to last. A glimpse of Miyavi in her mind caused her to falter at the door before rapping against the wood.

Her hands fidgetted with her outfit as she waited for Mattie to respond. Nerves usually didn't affect her on nights like these. They had been together for awhile though, this day always being put off. Then there was the birthday party they had planned tomorrow. Rika and Yumi were going to celebrate their birthday along with Ritsuko's since their birthdays weren't far off from one another. Mattie would be there tomorrow...well depending on how the night went.

She shook away the negative thoughts as she waited for the door to open.
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Ritsuko Fawkes
24 January 2008 @ 12:01 am
Practice was over for today. After what seemed like a long weekend, school had been exhausting. Even badminton practice was wearing her down. She almost was excited about going home right away, eager to get some rest.

Earlier this morning, Ritsuko had gotten into an argument with her mother, something that wasn't uncommon. The argument had been over Ritsuko's activities after school. She wanted to wait for Mattie to get out of rugby practice and hang out with him that night. Ritsuko's mother wasn't too thrilled of her plans and demanded that she came home right after practice.

Ritsuko looked over at the rugby field. She could see the team just beginning to leave the field to go to the locker room. By now, she often would be waiting to the side of the field for Mattie to finish up in the locker room, but today, she knew her mother would be watching the clock carefully.

Ritsuko had been dating Mattie for some time know. Strangely enough, they had not had sex yet. They never had the opportunity to do anything. Once again, her mother was the force that stood in between them. Mattie wasn't allowed to come over to her house after a certain time, and her mother always had to have well over a weeks notice if he was coming over. She wasn't allowed over at his house, either, though she had already snuck over there occasionally. The days they did get to hang out, her mother was constantly calling her cell phone, keeping track of her whereabouts.

Not having the chance to do anything like that worried Ritsuko. She would always find herself wondering how much longer he would put up with her before moving on. It was her mother's fault after all. Usually, by now, she would already have sexual relations with her boyfriend. It kept them from leaving her if she gave them what they wanted. Lately, she began to notice small things between her and Mattie that might suggest he was getting tired of her. One such thing was she thought that he wasn't kissing her as long anymore, if only by few seconds. A lot of what she noticed had just been her imagination exaggerating reality. Her emotions would get the best of her, and she would be unable to prevent the negative thoughts. 

Ritsuko sighed as she walked away from the school. She would have to come up with some kind of plan to get Mattie alone. She really liked him, and she didn't want to be hurt if he decided he wanted someone who would give him what he wants. He had already sacrificed this much time of his life to her; the sand was running out.
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Ritsuko Fawkes
24 August 2006 @ 08:26 pm
Ritsuko was anxious today. Her birthday was coming up next Friday and, in celebration of it, her family was having a dinner tonight. That included her father Tadakatsu and his wife Masami. Reiji, her brother, was already at the house and had been for awhile now. He never got along with their mother, but he had suddenly decided one day to move back in. It was only temporary, he was sure to mention whenever it was brought up.

Mayu, her mother was already in the kitchen preparing food. Usually Ritsuko helped make the food, but today her mother gave her a break. Not that Ritsuko would have minded if she helped, it would have took her mind off of all the bad possibilities that could happen tonight at dinner.

The man that her mother was currently seeing was not too thrilled about Tadakatsu coming tonight. He was terribly cranky all day and had even threatened to kick Reiji out. Reiji’s ‘I don’t care’ attitude tended to get on anyone’s nerves though.

After much pacing, Ritsuko finally heard the arrival of Tadakatsu and his new family. She hurried to the door so that she would be the one to answer it rather than Nobuhiro her mother’s boyfriend. When she did pull the heavy door open, she was greeted by a little girl Izumi, Tadakatsu, and Masami who had a baby carrier. They were all in a cheery mood, Ritsuko noticed. It was hopefully a good sign for later tonight.

Once dinner began, tension was already well high in the air. Her father was in a good mood still, but Mayu wasn’t. She ignored everyone except for Nobuhiro and Ritsuko. Reiji was pissed off because of this. He was also angry at Tadakatsu too at the moment though. They had a disagreement some time ago which was why Reiji was staying with Mayu for awhile.

As the night passed through, Ritsuko’s dad was becoming more and more agitated with Mayu ignoring him. He obviously started swooning over his new family in an attempt for revenge. Nobuhiro noticed and started being more loving with Mayu. Ritsuko ate her dinner gradually, wishing the night to be over.

Before it did end, there was an argument that erupted. It started with Nobuhiro saying something smart to Reiji. Tadakatsu got angry and yelled at Nobuhiro telling him not to speak to his son like that. Mayu joined by yelling at Tadakatsu for treating her boyfriend like that when she had been kind to his whore of a wife Masami all night. Offended, Masami left the house with her two kids, slamming the door after her. Tadakatsu was right behind her without even saying good-bye to Ritsuko.

From the hallway where she watched, Ritsuko headed to her room. She closed the door behind her quietly and went to sit down at her bed. At least the get-together her Rika and Yumi had planned would be something enjoyable to look forward to. Family get-togethers always turned out in ruins.
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Ritsuko Fawkes
Ritsuko was surprised in how much she had changed since attending high school. Everything from her outfits to how much she talked; she was straying away from the shy girl she used to be. There was also a noticeable mood change since last year. She felt happier lately, with the exception of a few moments this school year that she preferred not to think about.

She was at a fairly large mall outlet. Though she walked into a few places to browse, she wasn't planning on buying anything. She didn't have the money to spare. All her money went to transportation to and from school. She wanted a job desperately.

Having a job would change things so much. Usually, she made her own clothes by using old clothes for scraps. Still, with a job, she could buy much more material. The only problem would be getting the school approval.

Her family life was not in dire need for an extra paycheck. Ritsuko assumed that the Headmaster would turn down her request for permission for a job. Not only that, her mother probably wouldn't be up for it either.

Ritsuko smiled regretfully as she left another store empty handed. It was getting close to noon, and Ritsuko began considering lunch. She would have to go all the way for that though. She considered stopping by the candy store Rika worked at to see if her friend was in today before she headed home.

//I'll look around a bit more before stopping by// she decided as she walked into another store. //Tomorrow, I should at least try to see if they would allow me to get a job. Wouldn't hurt to try...//
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Ritsuko Fawkes
19 March 2006 @ 12:16 am
((OOC: I know I've been due for awhile, but I was waiting for an event to play out in another post. It originally involved the help of someone that's on a leave of absence, so we finished it up the best way we could and altered a bit. Bare with me u.u))

Ritsuko sat at the desk in her room, working intently on a new outfit. She had been in her room for the most part of the day. The reason why was that her mother’s newest boyfriend was over. They had been dating for a little over a month now, and Ritsuko still fond that she disliked him.

The man didn’t seem to have any of her mother’s best interest at heart. He was the type of guy that believed woman were there to serve. It was sad to know that her mother was the type of woman to obey a man even if he was influenced by this rule too. The man had even gotten around to bossing Ritsuko around.

Earlier this morning, when Ritsuko had gone into the kitchen to get breakfast; the man had spoken very kindly to her. That didn’t last long though. The man found a way to sneak insults in the small talk. He brought up her clothes, saying she looked slutty even though she had only been wearing her pajamas at the time which consisted of pants and a spaghetti strap shirt. He also mentioned that she didn’t have the figure to pull off the slutty look. Maybe if she were to get implants…

That comment had angered Ritsuko enough to go back to her room without breakfast, slamming the door behind her. It was now nearing evening and the argument was still fresh in her mind.

It had already been a week since her and Mattie started dating. She hadn’t attempted to go any further with him yet, in fear that he might turn out like Ito Miyavi did. But then there was that other fear. The one the constantly loomed over her. The one that made her need for friends and a boyfriend great. The fear of losing them.

Sex was what most men wanted. There was no denying that. Even if they weren’t that type of guy, their groin would be saying otherwise. Sex kept the boy happy. Kept them wanting to be with you.

Ritsuko kept recalling the words her mother’s boyfriend had told her. She looked down at her own breast unsure. What does Mattie think of them? She knew guys liked those double D’s some girls had. These thoughts caused the panic to rise in Ritsuko. She began to worry that Mattie was on the verge of leaving her because of her own pathetic figure. She refused to see that she did have a nice figure thanks to sports.

She made up her mind to try to take it to the next level the next moment they were alone. She couldn’t lose Mattie. Not this way. Not so early. Not when she needed this love that could only be obtained through a partner. Not yet.
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